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We Don’t Resell We Supply Fresh Kinnow Directly From Our Farm

Our farm was established by our great grandfather, Chaudhry Muhammad Khan in 1902 in Sargodha. Since its inception, our farm has continued to grow and expand into new frontiers. In the 1980s Kinnow Orchard was planted. Over the next decade, 50 acres were transferred from traditional cropping to horticulture. The latest expansion in the 2010s is in the field of cattle fattening. We rear bulls at our farm, for meat export and also supply these well-fattened bulls on Eid-ul-Adha for Qurbani. The manure of the cattle farm is used as an organic fertilizer for the Kinnow Orchard which gives a special aroma and taste to the citrus fruit. We have been traditionally selling the fruit to Kinnow Export factories and this year in 2020 will supply some export quality fruit directly to end customers in Lahore with cash on delivery. For those who are enthusiasts to pick the fruit directly from the orchard, they may visit our farm in Chak 44 SB, Sargodha.

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